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Content Management System (CMS)

OptiCMSTM is a flexible content management system (CMS) for organization requiring enterprise-class functionality, integration and scalability when managing their ever changing websites content.

Business Facts

The problem with today's internet world is the fact that most websites display obsolete content to public, thus creating a disastrous public image and reputation as this reflect what your business and products have to offer to your potential customers. Leaving these websites as they are, can actually do more harm than good for your business growth.

If you'd invested considerable time and money into your website but it is now projecting an unattractive, obsolete or irrelevant content, your website will definitely damage your hard earned corporate images.

Our Solutions - OptiCMSTM

We know that your website is the face of your company and corporate brand. The right content management software can take a significant role in maintaining the coherence of your site. Application of style-sheets and reuse of graphical elements guarantees presentation is consistent with your corporate visual identity. Accessibility standards can be applied directly, so legal compliance is ensured.

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